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Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Fri Aug 31 12:24:30 UTC 2001

John Hinsley wrote:

> Albertina Lourenci <lourenci at lsi.usp.br> wrote:

John, my darling:
What a sweet message!!!I am enchanted when
I meet people from computer science like this!!
This is the way of the musicians and artists of course!!

> > (I work in pair or more always!!)
> I think that's by far the best way to work. Certainly all the projects
> I've done that were collaborative worked out the best.

Yes yesterday I was talking on the phone with Norai, the
Director of the Institute of Mathematics from the University
of Brasilia. It was his birthday and yet he stayed  in the
evening at his home talking to me while his mobile
phone kept ringing with Congratulations!!!

> > I wonder whether you can imagine how extremely
> > grateful to you I am!!!
>  I'm just glad to have been of help!

Then I told him about the nice bit I got through you!!
He was amazed with the great ease I explained to him
what X-programmming basically was. He is working with
GAP a sophisticated software to deal with groups programmed
in OO. Of course it can't design any geometric form. He agrees
and realizes how I strive to put algebraic ideas into form. And how
wise that I manage to put into software these ideas too! And here
the idea of test, central to X-programming is fundamental.

He is delighted with X-programming!!!Something that a mathematician
would never dream of...because they simply think in great theory and
complete laws!!! This physical and artistic reasoning intertwined
opens the gate to the artifact, to modelling!!He is excited with
the possibility that we may consider the smooth transition of
form (say to freeze the transition from fish to bird in Escher's
xylographs) as a component!!! In architectural reasoning is
very fundamental!!!And more meaningful!!! We're fusing
two methodologies, one from Moser and the other from
Schwarzenberger. Moser deals with intuitive way of transforming
groups into geometric fundamental regions and the latter allows
one to measure the sides of this fundamental region!!!

> As always, I'm bowled over by your energy and enthusiasm. If you've any
> to spare, do you think you could put it in a bottle and send it to me
> ;-)

It is not necessary, all you have to do  is to feel me through space as I can
feel you!!Just empty yourself!!!Enthusiasm waves are very easy to be felt!!
They send us to the world of joyness, every act of creation is an expression
of joy!!!

> > Yes, I am surprised that I managed to read all code written in Smalltalk
> > and Squeak!!Is it Self's influence?
> >
> I'm not sure. But I think that the Squeak folk and the Self folk are on
> a very similar wavelength in wanting to create something which was both
> powerful and easy to use. Of course, the Morphic you see in Squeak is a
> port of Morphic in Self, and there may be more Self stuff coming over to
> Squeak.
> Happy Squeaking and may the Morph be with you!

I am as pure  and minimalist as Self!!!
I want only Self, SElf/R and a family of good SElves!!!
Or better of course!!!
Have a fun-filled exciting weekend!

> Cheers
> John
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