X-programming and Squeak

John Hinsley jhinsley at telinco.co.uk
Fri Aug 31 04:12:58 UTC 2001

Albertina Lourenci <lourenci at lsi.usp.br> wrote:

> (I work in pair or more always!!)

I think that's by far the best way to work. Certainly all the projects
I've done that were collaborative worked out the best.

> I wonder whether you can imagine how extremely
> grateful to you I am!!!

 I'm just glad to have been of help!

As always, I'm bowled over by your energy and enthusiasm. If you've any
to spare, do you think you could put it in a bottle and send it to me

> Yes, I am surprised that I managed to read all code written in Smalltalk
> and Squeak!!Is it Self's influence?

I'm not sure. But I think that the Squeak folk and the Self folk are on
a very similar wavelength in wanting to create something which was both
powerful and easy to use. Of course, the Morphic you see in Squeak is a
port of Morphic in Self, and there may be more Self stuff coming over to

Happy Squeaking and may the Morph be with you!



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