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Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Thu Aug 30 13:57:33 UTC 2001

Thomas Kuehne wrote:

> Dear Thomas:

> > This sounds intriguing. Is Squeak a dialect from Smalltalk?
> Yes, it is a derivate from Smalltalk-80 which offers many multimedia features, such as, 3D graphics, sound, internet awareness, speech creation, frequency analysis, etc.

This sounds great! Java has sort of these facilities. But to program in Java is rather nasty! I do not think I am being biased because I do need
to program with the prototypes!!!
I have been reading interesting work and of course they all program in class-based language such as design patterns implemented in C++
(simply a nightmare to understand!), then reuse contracts by Patrick Steyaert and so on!!I love Patrick's open computation systems!!
But this stuff with reuse contracts programmed in class based languages is simply an endless swirl of  trying to follow a class hierarchy
that only exists in Patrick's mind!!! I mean they do not want to accept the arbitrary nature of the real world and try to curb it to
class hierarchy. The outcome is obviously nasty!!! Autopoietic (or recursive)  reasoning is much more complex and thrive on
a simple and the same construct that you combine and repeat over and over again. Yet the outcome is always unexpected and perfectly
Indeed I have a bad memory. I can only remember structured things. And the current stage of programming is based on components
or things that interact with each other. There is no structuring!!I will talk about this in my Scientific Report.

> > Then I picked up the Smalltalk books and studied. You may agree this is at least
> > not friendly. And artists only feel attracted towards friendly things.

Honestly I could read Eiffel, Sather, CLOS but not Smalltalk. Then I agree with Randy and Dave when they simplified SMalltalk
and made Self! Yet I am not happy with what I read about Self. Having read Beta and the Mjoelner Beta system books I could
understand how the programming environment works. It is nice!! And yet they only display a collection of papers.
In Self I have no idea how to deal with the debugger for example!!So one cannot program anything if one does not know
how to deal with the debugger!!
Moreover, I think Self is like biochemistry. You have to know all the specific enzymes to understand about protein digestion
or carbohydrate digestion and so on.This requires memory again and I almost gave up scientific high school studies due to
zoology, biochemistry and organical chemistry!! I realize today reductionism may also lead to global reasoning but it is not
my mind architecture!!

> I understand. I guess Squeak presupposes a familiarity with Smalltalk. It is not a product but an open source effort (akin to Linux). Starting from www.squeak.org (on to the swiki) you should find many tutorials though.
> Perhaps you'll find the educational material (developed with Squeak) at
> www.squeakland.org interesting. To view it you'll need to install a Sqeak plugin but this is a very painless process and certainly worth your while.

I thank you for the references because I noticed that although it sounds like biochemistry it has some structuring and it is relatively easy
for me to follow code implementation in Smalltalk and Squeak better than C++. Now the attempts of integrating delegation into
class-based language I feel as really unnecessary complicated!! Jan Bosch tries to structure design, he has great insights but yet
his introduction of layers  and implementation in C++ sounds rather worksome!!

> > Indeed the Morphic arrangement based on rowMorphs and columnMorphs is very rigid!
> Note that this is nothing inherent to the Morphic approach.
> It is just a particular use of morphs.

This sounds great!
I think if Randy and Dave tried to be more didactic and explained the underpinnings of exploratory programming rather than rely
on previous knowledge about Smalltalk would help a great deal. I do not understand until today how Smalltalk is based on objects
and then the user has to program in class!!!For me this is a nightmare!!!As far I have been reading hardly ever this class category
really fit anything like hand and glove in the real world!

I express my thanks deeply for your concerns towards my needs.

Have a fun-filled creative weekend,

> Regards,
>     Thomas
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