[self-interest] Model View Controller and the Observer pattern

Thomas Kuehne kuehne at informatik.uni-kl.de
Thu Aug 30 08:42:44 UTC 2001

Albertina Lourenci wrote:

> This sounds intriguing. Is Squeak a dialect from Smalltalk?

Yes, it is a derivate from Smalltalk-80 which offers many multimedia features, such as, 3D graphics, sound, internet awareness, speech creation, frequency analysis, etc.

> Then I picked up the Smalltalk books and studied. You may agree this is at least
> not friendly. And artists only feel attracted towards friendly things.

I understand. I guess Squeak presupposes a familiarity with Smalltalk. It is not a product but an open source effort (akin to Linux). Starting from www.squeak.org (on to the swiki) you should find many tutorials though.

Perhaps you'll find the educational material (developed with Squeak) at
www.squeakland.org interesting. To view it you'll need to install a Sqeak plugin but this is a very painless process and certainly worth your while.

> Indeed the Morphic arrangement based on rowMorphs and columnMorphs is very rigid!

Note that this is nothing inherent to the Morphic approach.
It is just a particular use of morphs.



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