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Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Wed Aug 29 23:14:13 UTC 2001

John Hinsley wrote:

>  > Could you please tell me where I can read more about this (MVC + Morphic)?
> Maybe a good place to start is John Maloney's paper
> http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/squeakbook/35
> (this is the chapter from
> Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia
>     edited by Mark Guzdial and Kim Rose
>     Prentice-Hall)

Well John, in his next invited talk at OOPSLA'01 in Florida, Alistair
Cockburn will say:
in developing software, we swim in and depend on a sea of  information,
trying to find the bit we need to continue!!
Well at the site above I found the right bit of information I needed!!
Then I became enlightened as I wanted!!!Now I will proceed to the
writing of my Scientific REport, presentation of paper at IWPSE in Vienna
and another lecture at plenary session of a Semiotics Congress in Brazil
held by Beaux Arts Schools of SÃo Paulo as if I were composing music!!
I am tuned!!!

Having downloaded Embracing Change with Squeak: Extreme Programming
by Sarkela, McDonough and Caster
You see I bought the book  extreme programming explained by Kent Beck
in Budapest. I read through it and made up my mind I would learn nothing
there!!And now this short paper brought me all I needed!!A pearl of knowledge
In this example they test an event mechanism, an application similar to the
Observer Pattern! The mechanism allows a model object to trigger synchronous
event notifications, and observer objects may register an action which
they will perform when that  model object triggers a particular event
conceptually akin to a broadcast form of message send  and so on...
In this test he programs in Squeak and clearly explain why a basic tenet in
is testing, why testing is the cornerstone of all coding activities!!!

Well then it dawned on me that all I have been doing is X-programming!!

This story of testing applies to any phase in the  development of a knowledge
For example I had to design a group of houses for families with children until 6
years old
applying my ecodesign model to check the expressiveness of my method!!
It worked superbly but made evident I needed to work with a geometry
different from Euclidean geometry. I had no geometric modeling at the time
but I applied without knowing the cyclic group concept to design them.
And made a superb integration of structural plan with architectural plan
and all aspects you can imagine, such as landscape planning, and so on!!!
All this in 45 days!!!
When Jecel and I simulated free sketch  (I work in pair or more always!!)
 Jecel created a morph called ScreenDraft to test if our ideas would work
before proceeding to their coding. It worked then he implemented
ecoDesignpolygonMorph, tilingMorph, Diagram Morph and so on....

Just amazing!!!I wonder whether you can imagine how extremely
grateful to you I am!!!
This is precise, concise, holistic information as an artist appreciates!!!
Yes, cute and friendly!
Yes, I am surprised that I managed to read all code written in Smalltalk
and Squeak!!Is it Self's influence?

Have a good night's sleep!!!


(XP) I became enlightened as I wanted!!!

> On the Squeak list, John recently wrote:
> > Morphic is a graphical object system that's completely independent of
> > MVC; you can even remove MVC from a Morphic Squeak image entirely.
> >
> > The biggest difference is that Morphic has an incremental display update
> > system that allows many graphical objects to be animating or updating at
> > the same time, whereas in MVC only one window (controller) is active at
> > any given time.
> >
> > Morphic and MVC both have their strengths. MVC is better when memory
> > or processor cycles are in short supply. It is smaller, simpler, and more
> > efficient, but it doesn't do as many cool things. Morphic makes it easy to
> > have a lot of things happening at once, and it helps the programmer
> > create window contents that goes beyond text and list panes.
> Which is a pretty fair (albeit brief!) summary from the horse's mouth.
> Cheers
> John
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