[self-interest] Improvements to Self?

Ian Woollard ian.woollard at tesco.net
Thu Aug 23 20:38:46 UTC 2001

Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
> Better late than never, I suppose...
> On Tuesday 14 August 2001 20:47, Ian Woollard wrote:
>>>Indeed, I was just wondering what your ":" brought us that we
>>>didn't have with Self's "<-".
>>Several things-
>>a) it can be used for privacy- by inheriting the handle object
>>appropriately you can add checking into the object so that it
>>only allows certain objects to talk to it.
> Right.
>>b) non builtin syntax can be added to the handle object like:
>>c += 5.
>>Also, reference semantics are useful in their own right.
> Hmmmm... this seems to me like the opposite of a).

Brevity in a language is a very good thing. There is a good correlation
between number of lines of code per week that engineers can write.

> Here you are
> exposing things that would be better handled internally.

It's important to expose the right things. If I want to pass an objects
variables to an editor for editing then I should be allowed to. I
should not have to jump through hoops to give something that
the language can give; I've had to jump the hoops in Java- no references
(lvalues in C speak) are a serious restriction in the expressibility of
the language. There are ways; but they are not good; I've found.

Elegance of code is important.

how would you do:

newIntegerBrowser: &myIntSlot.

in Self?

> -- Jecel

- Ian Woollard (ian.woollard at tesco.net)

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