Delegation and Self like things for Squeak

Stephen Pair spair at
Thu Aug 23 02:46:01 UTC 2001

> I mentioned on the Squeak list some designs I have considered over 
> years for this. I don't think a consumer quality system is possible 
> without it. Things are simply not automatic enough.

I'd be interested in hearing those designs...I'm working on a design 
myself...I've been reading the Kaehler's LOOM stuff and that's been 
very helpful in identifying the things I need to watch out for.  I'm 
shooting for something that will make incremental persistence fast, 
and will provide a commit primitive that will ensure everything is on 
disk.  Looks like the LOOM design would be expensive if you want to 
make sure everything was saved (requiring a scan of object memory I 

Actually, I'm amazed that this hasn't been a higher priority with really can't consider Squeak as an OS without a solution in 
this area.  And, it's been done in so many other contexts...why not 
Squeak?  Makes me wonder if there's something I'm missing?

> > ....well, one has to have dreams.  :)
> They are best when they are shared.
> -- Jecel


- Stephen

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