New release of Cel - Ver. 0.7

Dru Nelson dru at
Tue Apr 24 23:09:38 UTC 2001

Small blurb....

Dru Nelson
San Mateo, California

Apr. 23, 2001 - Release 0.7

    MAJOR: Added floating point number support
    MAJOR: Bug fix with large memory processes
    Integer - more methods
    Arrays  - more methods, mathematical 'set' methods
    Strings - comparison methods, CSV (comma separated value) conversion
              method 'splitCSV:', 'findLast:', as well
              as 'at:', and 'removeAt:' methods
    Boolean - printing
    Scripts can now have '#!/usr/local/bin/cel' in the first line so
              they can be standalone shell executables
    Reflection/meta-methods 'hasSlot:', 'getSlot:', 'removeSlot:'
    The 'perform:' and 'perform:With:' methods were added
    Larger buffer for environment, argv conversion (helpful for CGI)
    Better handling of nil
    VM: added setStackAt()
    Bug in passthru methods in blocks fixed
    Bug in code generator fixed for empty objects and blocks
    Other small bug fixes

      DateTime         - added more conversion routines from strings
      OS               - raw OS methods for file reading and file locking
      FileIO           - methods for file object reading and file locking
      HTTPClient       - small fixes
      HTML             - small kit to render html pages
      CGI              - small kit to deal with the CGI API
      SleepyCat        - created kit with cursors
      Parallel         - created kit for running methods in parallel
                         (this kits holds more specific kits)
      ParallelProcess  - specific kit that runs methods in parallel
                         processes (the granularity is at the process

    More samples and tests

Dru Nelson
San Mateo, California

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