An OO history

John Hinsley jhinsley at
Tue Apr 17 19:01:03 UTC 2001

Steve Dekorte <steve at> wrote

> In my experience, most developers find Smalltalk style code very 
> difficult to read.

I think it depends on where they're coming from. I can imagine an
experienced C or C++ programmer looking at Smalltalk code and finding it
completely incomprehensible, just as an experienced Perl programmer
would find Python a mystery.

But I'd maintain that if we use the nearest we can find to an objective
viewpoint (that of a complete neophyte) then they would find the cleaner
coding of Smalltalk or Python (and the more directly OO nature of
either) a big advantage. And, then again, Smalltalk is so wonderfully
reflective, which is a notion that seems to confuse a lot of people
coming from C or Java. Historically it seems to have been particulary
successful with kids.


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