[self-interest] Re: An OO history

Dru Nelson dru at redwoodsoft.com
Sat Apr 14 01:52:21 UTC 2001

Small note.. Cel is not monolithic. It is declarative
like some of the newer smalltalks (Pocket Smalltalk).

I think the big problem for Self would be the compiler
technology. There is a lot there for a particular

Dru Nelson
San Mateo, California

On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Steve Dekorte wrote:

> Interesting, what's the smallest Self could be squeezed into and still 
> be useful?
> Would a 100K version be possible than ran as fast as other scripting 
> languages like Python? The Ruby scripting language has become very 
> popular as a web scripting language despite the fact that it uses a 
> Smalltalk like syntax. Maybe Self could become a popular scripting 
> language if it was less monolithic.

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