An OO history

John Hinsley jhinsley at
Mon Apr 2 11:25:11 UTC 2001

I'm having trouble peicing together the parts of 00 as a history. (I
only just put together the connection between Xerox PARC and ParcPlace,
and then, only because I fell over it in a Squeak tutorial!) I keep
bumping into wonderful little snippets, glorious quotes from Eric
Clayberg and Bjarne Stroustrup, Jecel's recollections........

Seems to me that there's a tale here at least as worthy of telling as
Cringely's "Accidental Empires" or the story of Open Source, but if I
came up with the idea, surely someone's already done it?

And, anyway, I'm not a writer on that kind of level.

Can anyone recommend any books, papers, their favourite stories? 
Marx: "Why do Anarchists only drink herbal tea?"
Proudhon: "Because all proper tea is theft."

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