[self-interest] 4.1.2 compatibility with 4.0

Marko Mikulicic marko at seul.org
Tue Oct 31 03:27:10 UTC 2000

Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:

> I have tracked down why my demos failed in Self 4.1.2 (yes - I should
> have tested this before the presentation....).
> 1) When I created the applications in Self 4.0, Mario's Smalltalk
> Emulator was loaded and since I had been programming in Smalltalk a lot
> at the time I ended up using messages like 'and:' and 'ifTrue:IfFalse:'
> that don't exist in plain Self.
> 2) The old menu creation code used something like
> 'label:fontName:fontSize:fontColor:' while Self 4.1.2 expects something
> like 'label:fontSpec:fontColor:'.
> 3) The bytecodes have changed significantly in Self 4.1.2! I don't know
> if this is due to the PEP project or an experiment with interpreting
> Self, but now there are 16 bytecodes instead of the previous 8.

What are the additional bytecodes?
Can you briefly describe them, so I don't download the sources (I have a
slow connection) ?
Are they used by normal self code or are provided for
easier Java/Smalltalk emulation?


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