[self-interest] Mixed Environment

Gilad Bracha gilad.bracha at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Oct 19 20:13:42 UTC 2000

At 12:50 PM 10/19/00, Dan Rozenfarb wrote:
>I am Dan Rozenfarb from Argentina.
>In my master thesis work I have implemented Self-like objects in Squeak with
>the purpose of having an environment with class-based and class-less object
>mixed.  It is supposed to allow exploratory and incremental programming,
>letting you evolute from class-less objects towards a more (mature?)
>arrangment with hierarchies of classes.
>In writing the "related work" section I looked for others environments for
>comparison purposes and found no one.
>Do you know of any language/environment which combines those features?

Take a look at the Darwin project. It is an extension of Java supporting a 
form of delegation, so you get both classes and delegation.


Cheers,  Gilad

Gilad Bracha
Computational Theologist
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