[self-interest] Problem running Self4.1.2 UI on sparc

Marko Mikulicic marko at seul.org
Wed Oct 11 18:12:35 UTC 2000

Reinaldo Silveira wrote:
> Besides other things, Self 4 for Sparc cannot display 24bit.  We usually
> get
> this problem when we try to remote display and forget this detail... Try
> switch
> to 8 bit first.

Self 4.1.2 supports 24 bit.

After some hours of pain I finally have uploded Demo.snap to a /tmp dir
and started Self from that (on a 24-bit display, linux). All ran OK (a
bit too slow). 
 But why can't I rebuild my image using _RunScript.

I found that the problem is the object "prompt" (wich starts the
scheduler, right?).

I saw also strange problems in the Self worlds, can't open the
random clicks on the "radar" results in debugger pop up, outliners
refuse to show the details of the object ( | { 'blabla' a .b } . c | ).
I'll post more detail when I can reproduce the errors,
but it will be hard to do because I've got no nervs to wait 5 secs for
open a menu (dismissing a window takes 10 secs, can I deactivate the
animation?). Does anyone know someone who sells cheap sparc machine in
europe (italy.austria,swiss,croatia) ?

Is the scheduler "platform independent" ?


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