[self-interest] Patterns in Self [was Re: delegation (was: prototypical analysis and design) ]

Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Thu Nov 30 18:52:55 UTC 2000

cramakrishnan at acm.org wrote:

> As far as all this patterns stuff goes, i've always thought Charlie
> Parker's comment on music theory is equally applicable to design
> patterns: "Learn that stuff, then forget it and just play [hack]".

You caught my message perfectly well. This is exactly what I want
to do...But I don't want to play alone... especially because I am
architect, master in A. and PhD. in Architecture I mean

I love freedom and besides Self (and related ideas) it seems there
is very little  freedom in computer science.
Having to review what's going on before starting programming in Self
to write a tutorial concerned with applications in architecture, it dawned
on me it seems I will have to delve deeper into design patterns from
GOF and Christopher's Alexander's design patterns as well. Even
if it is to reject them...But without a deeper analysis to get rid of
them or ignore them is non-scientific...
I am sure semiotics is the most amazing thing  under Heavens!

Hope you can discuss with me  and program with me through Kansas
in the Third Millenium!

> - sekhar
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