[self-interest] Self on Solaris for Intel?

Toby Everett tua at everettak.org
Thu Nov 30 13:01:17 UTC 2000

> Gordon Cichon started rewriting the compilers to generate code for the
> PC (on Linux, but it would be even simpler to make it work on Intel
> Solaris) and I have looked into continuing this. Gordon's work was
> released under the GPL (since he borrowed from "gas", there wasn't any
> choice) and I was wondering what the people in this list think of
> having the PC version of Self under a more restrictive license than the
> Sparc and Mac versions (which is BSD-like).
Of course, this problem isn't helped at all by the fact that Intel assembler
is about as ugly as things get (oooh . . . I want to see someone emit
assembler for an HC11!!!!:)


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