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Hi Selfers:

   > Then I fell in love with Self  and abandoned programming in Beta.

   Perhaps you should reconsider this since Günther is wrong about his
   language being the first static one to implement delegation. It seems

   to me that Beta's "part-object inheritance" is exactly that.

-- I think Jecel pointed out something intriguing.

I abandoned Beta because it was not possible to

implement the main model of my ecodesign model.

I mean the one that deals with the architectonic

object and the environment.

But I tried first to be advised by Bent Bruun Kristensen

from Aalborg University and also "author" of the Beta


He was introducing important abstract mechanisms to

model complex concepts. However he recognized that

to extend Beta with these mechanisms was not priority

because it would be too expensive.

Complex Associations: abstractions in object-oriented

modeling from OOPSLA' 94 is more similar to delegation

than "part-object inheritance". However it is too

charged with the notion of hierarchy due to the

class mentality and it loses the free flavour of


However his diagrams are pretty good and they are

not flat and loose like those from Günther.

However  the next abstraction mechanism created

by  Kristensen Activities: abstractions for collective

behavior from ECOOP" 96 in LNCS 1098 enabled me better

to build a bridge between my ecodesign  model and

the class-based languages.

Kristensen and May even compared the activity abstraction

to design patterns, especially the Mediator in an implementation

project/In both papers Kristensen offers a list of related


So I ask is this related work a previous attempt to

introduce the gist of delegation into class based

languages? Are they of different nature? Why Kristensen

has never related this to delegation?



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