the nature of modelling was "the nature of music"

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Kokan wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion again. To build new horizons
is never waste of time.
For example Jecel gave me the references about Jack Sarfatti
two years ago. I simply printed everything (some 100 pages)
I found there and put it in my library.

Later on I had to read Rilke and Martin Heidegger, the essay
"The origin of Art"  in Holzwege. After having reread the
essay in German and French a thousand times, I got
desperate. It is very difficult for artists to understand
And see the surprise! It dawned on me, I did not have to agree
with him. I saw things better than he.
And then  Sarfatti's ideas enabled me to show his biased ways
of seeing the thing and the work-of-art.
Of course Heidegger was sort of Hitler's employee and see
his vision of art stopped last century!  Because Modern Art
is degenerate for Hitler! Imagine if Heidegger had heard of
Robert Rauschenberg!!
He admired Rilke as a metaphysicist but not as an exponent
of "thing-poetry".

Well,  all this development was necessary simply because
experts cannot understand my model of primary and secondary
waves. It is too concise. In this monograph, once can understand
why it is so advanced.
And yet none of the  contents was of help to  model my ecodesign
model except Escher and Hofstadter who wrote the famous
book Godel, Escher and Bach: an Eternal Braid.

See the dissociation between the knowledge to know if the
cake is baked and the knowledge to know how to make the
Both knowledges are complementary and one cannot exist
without the other. However it is not the way we are educated!

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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>  <Don't waste too much time>
>   <Albertina>
>    I followed your suggestion and I am just printing all the
> intriguing sites and references I found there.
>   </Albertina>
>   <AK show biz talks>
>   It might be better just to read
> sp. (TabletPC-Transmeta-Ole A.-Self)
>   </AK show biz talks>
>   <The Art of the Metaobject Protocol>
>    Kind of dry and boring. No on-audience just on-backstage.
>   </The Art of the Metaobject Protocol>
>   <Dave U. instance?>
>    <aSlot>
>     only one of the
>    </aSlot>
>    <aSlot>
>     references:
> /105-3293533-3519927
>    </aSlot>
>    <aSlot>
>     seemed legit to me
>    </aSlot>
>   </Dave U. instance?>
>   <Another candidate for legit reference>
>    Dave Fisher's Ph.D. in HOPL II
>   </Another candidate for legit reference>
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>   </refTo>
>  </Don't waste too much time>
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