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Kokan wrote:

Dear Kokan:

I followed your suggestion and I am just printing all the intriguing
sites and references I found there. I feel the problem with OO community

is that they forgot about the semiotic value hidden in every object.
Peirce discovered this in the last century. Most quantum physicists
are perceiving that everything is information by now at the cross
of the millenium... Anyhow if the world is meaningful
so we can have hope...Surely reading Jack Sarfatti's Post-Quantum
Mechanics much greater will be the hope...


> <Albertina>
> Music is the most hermeneutic art. So for me a discussion like the
> one
> I am proposing is like mimicking a symphony. Why can't we play
> together?
> </Albertina>
> Music, Play, "Das Glasperlenspiel"
> No aha vectors there. Or,
> is it a bark of my buddy who is a gentle Fila Brasileiro.
> And, yes, cheers to Gilad <MOP, DOOP in Java/>.
> Ko(k)an

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