[self-interest] Re: delegation (was: prototypical analysis and design)

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Nov 23 02:54:16 UTC 2000

I actually did go through all the patterns in the GOF book, in 
preparation for my recent panel.
In particular, only one of the object-creation patterns seemed legit to me.

- Dave

At 12:02 AM +0000 11/23/00, Bharat Bedia wrote:
>--- In self-interest at egroups.com, Jecel Assumpcao Jr <jecel at m...>
>>  Me too. I was attracted to the practical side of Self's "exploratory
>>  programming" style. Since you were asking about "analysis", I
>>  you meant things like Booch and UML and other things that I am not
>>  familiar with, which is why I made no comment.
>When i first got Self to work on my solaris machine I found it very
>very cool. I very much enjoyed the freedom & exploratory style. But
>like the old "Lord of the Rings" game on Commodore64 you can only
>explore so much then you have to solve your mission objective!
>Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Sun computer anymore so I
>can't run Self :-(
>Everybody carries out some element of analysis. Some people call it
>thinking others call it UML ;-) However, you can "analyse" until the
>project manager screams at you then you must develop and code. I was
>hoping to hear about various strategies and modelling techniques
>people use to :
>a. model the problem domain, and
>b. convert the model into an application
>(This doesn't have to be in Self. Perhaps someone can point me to a
>notation for describing prototypical systems - analogous to UML for
>OO systems?)
>So for example in the real world, things change and perhaps even in
>the evolutionary exploratory Self environment, you may get
>brittleness in the "older" parts of the application. Part of the
>analysis is to try and perceive the potential for change and so
>design in the flexibility. I was wondering what techniques people had
>used to pre-empt these issues (eg. inflexibility) in the prototypical
>>  It would be very interesting to go through all the patterns in the
>>  "Design Patterns" book (which I have just read) and look at them
>>  the viewpoint of a prototype based language. I'll try to do so
>Now I would be most interested on that!


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