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Dear Bharat:

                I am also interested in showing the superiority of the
prototype paradigm  to express complex concepts.

There are many people dealing with prototypes or delegation.
But no language has reached the level of development of the
Self language.

At the right moment based on  G√ľnther Kniesel's PHD thesis

I am trying to figure out why he  argues that delegation is
far better than design patterns.
Since I am an architect and I was expected to unfold my PHD under
the advising of Christopher Alexander, the author of the A Pattern
Language, I would not deny the importance of this trend.

My contact with Alexander began in 1990 and lasted until 1992. Exactly
at this time computer scientists showed interest  in mimicking in
computer science what he did in architecture.

I have unfolded my own ecodesign model - or the domain dependent
model entitled THe model of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Waves
to plan and design sustainable cities. It is an appplication of
catastrophe theory, graph theory, semiotics, symmetry groups of
the plane and the dotless plane.  Its hermeneutic nature tunes
well with the hermeneutic  (really musical) Self nature.
I am trying to unfold a tutorial in Self and so the core of the tutorial

necessarily must deal with your concerns, because it is very complex
to implement  concepts about sustainable cities.

Alexander agrees it is far more complex  and complete than his
A Pattern Language.

What I object to A Pattern Language is that Chris had not developed
a correspondent geometric modeling (even less a computational modeling).

Likewise the Gang of the Four has not focused on developing language
constructs that would correspond straightforwardly  to the design

I am reading an interesting paper from Jan Bosch that shows how to do
this. Unfortunately he does not use delegation.

Kniesel in his thesis wants to show the superiority of delegation but
I am still reading through his thesis and the papers I gathered and I
have no conclusion.

But I would be happy if the researchers joined us in this  important

I've read through the book "Prototype-Based Programming: Concepts,
Languags and Applications" which provided lots of useful background

Like OO analysis & design, I'm interested in analysis, modelling &
application design techniques for the object-based prototypical
paradigm. The implementation would be done in an object-based
language like Self.

Can anyone point to any online research material or book reference ?

I am exhausted now and recovering...But I hope we can trigger off
a discussion and I promise to give the references gladly.

Best wishes


Thanks in advance,


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