[self-interest] mango

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Tue May 30 17:47:02 UTC 2000

Reinaldo Silveira wrote:
> I'm not sure, but I think the cdrom i gave to you with Smalltalk stuff have
> sources for the 4.0 Self  version...

I just checked it on another computer (my 48x drive no longer reads
that CD-R for some reason) and and you are right - I don't know how I
missed it the first time.

David Ungar wrote:
> We certainly have such a version.
> (It is more recent than what you have but will still need tweaking.)
> Has mango ever been part of a previous release?
> (It would make it easier to get permission if that were true.)

The version I have was sent to me by Ole Agesen directly via email, but
Reinaldo's CD-R was just a copy of the old Self web site so I guess
Mango-4_0_tar.gz was available in the contrib directory.

It really doesn't matter in any case as the Smalltalk Emulator removes
Mango from the system as soon as it has finished creating the parser.

> And, the reason to replace unixFile is for portability.
> You should use os_file, which will work on any platform.

Good idea... I'll do this patch soon. Meanwhile, by copying the sources
to the applications/smalltalk and applications/mango directories,
making a link to the applications/smalltalk/smalltalkSrc directory and
executing the following in the "BareBones" snapshot:

   globals _AddSlots: (| unixFile = os_file |).
   traits _AddSlots: (| dictionary = traits hashTableDictionary |).
   bootstrap read: 'smalltalk' From: 'applications/smalltalk'.
   smalltalkEmulator workspace

I got a (nearly) working Smalltalk in Self 4.1.2. For some reason, only
the classes in "Collections-System", "Collections-Text" and
"Kernel-Objects" have been loaded even though there were no error
messages (at least no scary ones ;-).

Thanks to both of you. This will probably be easier than I had thought.

-- Jecel

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