[self-interest] Clustering in Self ?

José Baltasar García Perez-Schofield jbgarcia at uvigo.es
Sat Mar 4 13:05:55 UTC 2000

	Hi, Selfies.

	I do apologise because of interrupt this "low-level, implementation"
discussion, but I have a philosphycal question about Self.
	The matter is that Self can be considered a persistent language since
it has its objects "living" in the Self world among executions of the
Self environment.
	In many persistent languages, clustering techniques are applied to the
persistent store (the world in Self), grouping together objects that are
close one each other.
	(1) For example, "close" can be defined in terms of inheritance
relations, or in terms of objects pointed by another objects ... or even
combinations of this two considerations.

	The question is: does Self follow any of this techniques ?

	The central matter of the question is that, as far as I know, hte
minimal unit of storage in Self is the slot, so, apparently, the "object
semantic", is lost.

	Are the slots of the same object grouped together, for example ?

	Thank you in advance.

	Salud !


(1) Excuse me if anyone know about this term.
PBC - José Baltasar García Perez-Schofield *jbgarcia at uvigo.es*
Departamento de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos
Universidad de Vigo - Spain

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