[self-interest] Course at São Carlos (was "doc on self vm")

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Jun 29 23:40:10 UTC 2000

This is *way* cool!

Rock on, South Americans!

- Dave

At 6:37 PM -0300 6/29/00, Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
>Rafael Kaufmann wrote:
>>  Cool! Where can I have more info? (Dates, etc.) Particularly, what's the
>>  most cost-effective way to get from Rio de Janeiro to São Carlos?
>You can always walk ;-) But a bus isn't too expensive either. I think
>that this course will only be available to the students of UFSCAR, but
>you can be sure that I will organize others very soon which will be
>more open.
>>  Looks like I'll finally be able to see some of the Self community
>>  firsthand, being a continent away from all other Self gatherings I've
>>  heard of so far. :)
>Between me, the people at São Paulo and the JSelf guys (Argentina) it
>seems that there are currently more Selfish people in South America
>than any other place. I am counting on the Germans and Americans to
>prove me wrong :-)
>A Self gathering would be a very good idea. There is an interesting
>event around here called Oktobertech (guess when? :-) and it might be
>nice to organize a Self session.
>-- Jecel
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