doc on self vm

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Wed Jun 28 20:04:06 UTC 2000

Following the advice Reinald Silveira gave me earlier this year, I have
downloaded the Doxygen program which can read the sources for an
applications and generate some documentation for it in several formats.
You can see the html results here:

Since my link is very slow, you can probably get better results by
downloading Doxygen yourself (there is a link on this page) and running
it on the sources to get a local copy of this.

I hope this can help people to understand how the virtual machine works
a little better. Is anybody still thinking about porting Self 4.1.2 to
the PC? After thinking very hard about this I decided that it would be
better for me to continue with my self-in-self effort instead.

BTW, I will be giving a 12 hour course on Self to students of the
Federal University of São Carlos. It will be an official extension
course with certificates and all. Luckily they have an aging Sparc or
two (mostly black and white X terminals which Self doesn't like,
though), but it is a shame we can't use their abundant PCs.

-- Jecel

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