enumerator morphs

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Mon Jul 17 20:15:07 UTC 2000

As I promised a long time ago, today I took a quick look at why
enumerator morphs don't work in Self 4.1.2 like they did in 4.0.
Specifically, the enumerator morphs now start working as soon as they
are created and don't give you a chance to change such options as "well
known only" or the name to match in "find slots".

In 'traits mirrorEnumerationMorph' there is now a new
'copyMirror:Event' method that Self 4.0 didn't have. Looking at this
methods we would expect the morphs to come up already working since it
sends 'expand:' to the new morph. As a quick test I replaced
'copyMirror:Event:' in the 'references:' method in 'traits
objectOutliner' with just 'copyMirror:' and the "references" yellow
menu option went back to working as it did in Self 4.0.

Since I don't know why these changes were made, I don't yet have a fix
for this problem. Both the Mac and Sparc versions act the same way and
it makes Self 4.1.2 much harder to use for serious software development.

Speaking of the Mac, I had reported a font problem on my mom's iMac.
Well, there is a certain web page that works in Netscape/Linux, Internet
Explorer/Windows and other Macs with Internet Explorer but the menus
break down on that machine - the fonts seem to be shown taller than the
JavaScript thinks they are. So it seems to be a font metrics problem on
that computer rather than a Self problem.

-- Jecel

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