Self-Stammtisch/Self CVS Server [Was: [self-interest] Linux port progress?]

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Thu Jul 13 16:16:06 UTC 2000

Gordon wrote:

> self-4.1 is the original thing documented on my homepage from January
> 99. After that, David came up with his Mac port. self is then the yet
> unfinished merge of these two things.

Ok. Since David called the first Mac port Self 4.1 I was confused by
this. The directory structure in "self" is rather different from the
one in Self 4.1.2 sources.

Samantha Atkins wrote:

> I understand that there was a Self port attempted from the original
> Sun based implementation and that there was a separate effort to 
> reimplement Self for Linux rather than port the original.  Would
> someone please identify which is being spoken of here?  From context I
> believe both are sometimes spoken of as a "Linux port".  And could we
> clarify which of the two future posts speak about?  Are both still
> active?  

As Gordon said, he did part of a port to Linux in January of 1999. He
got simple expressions to run, but was stuck in the complex issues of
stack management on the x86 compared to the Sparc. In November of 1999
David Ungar released an updated version of Self 4 which had the source
code reorganized specifically to make ports easier to do, and included
a port to the PowerPC Macintosh as an example. Thorsten Dittmar
organized a "Self portfest to the PC" weekend in Germany in early
January of 2000 where Gordon did the work he talked about above.

Meanwhile, I designed a Self-in-Self that I called Self/R. I have not
yet implemented it, but will start to do so later this month. All the
horrible details about what I am trying to do are in my short paper
"Incremental Porting of the Self/R Virtual Machine" available at

The main difference is that the first port is being developed inside
Self 4.1.2 and not in Self/R (which doesn't exist yet). That makes
things even more tricky, but I think the effort will be comparable to a
"normal" port of Self to the PC.

But to answer your question, it is best to use "Self port" to always
refer to Gordon's work (which is what we were talking about).

-- Jecel

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