[self-interest] Re: Learning Self

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at merlintec.com
Fri Jan 14 22:58:19 UTC 2000

Marcus Schneider wrote:
> We are trying to learn SELF in a course at the University of Hannover
> and we are looking for a tutorial or some examples or anything else
> which might be helpful.
> We already read the tutorial at the sun homepage ("Prototype-Based
> Application Construction Using Self 4.0") and the "Self 4.0 Programmers
> Reference Manual". Is there anything else ???

I liked the material from Brown University (though I am not sure how much of it
is still available online) and also that of the University of Manchester
(though I think it was for Self 3?). You can find this stuff linked from this


Some of the oldest papers on Self (the Language section in
http://www.sun.com/research/self/papers/papers.html) might give you a better
feel for the language than what you have read so far.

Of course, a lot of material about Smalltalk is valid for Self as well.

-- Jecel

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