[self-interest] Re: Corrupted download 4.1.1 for Mac?

Ashley Ward ashley at dcs.warwick.ac.uk
Fri Jan 14 19:36:11 UTC 2000

Reinaldo Silveira <silveira at lsi.usp.br> writes:
> Ashley Ward wrote:
> > This suggests to me that the file on the site may be corrupt, perhaps
> > truncated?  If I download the .hqx version instead (on UNIX), I can
> I've gotten the ".sea.bin" file in last Nov 8, and installed it in a
> PowerMac 7600/132.
> The performance is pretty slow but it worked fine, so i don't think the
> file is corrupted. May be is another problem...

Thanks Reinaldo.

Looking at the dates on the files however (using some telnet hackery to
send a HEAD request), I see that they were

Last-Modified: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 00:28:26 GMT

which I assume is after you downloaded it.  It looks like a webmaster or
someone at Sun might have done something to the files (the "directory
containing split files" is also missing - although I assume this is for
Sparc).  I've emailed them using their "feedback" link.

If we don't get anywhere in a few days, perhaps someone could put up their
copy somewhere?

Many thanks!


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