[self-interest] Re: Fascinating!

Brian T. Rice water at tscnet.com
Wed Jan 12 12:34:16 UTC 2000

At 03:22 AM 1/12/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Very very interesting project!
>Where are you physically located, and who is the "we" you refer to?
>How will you eat as you embark down this road (who pays the bills?)
>Just a few annoying practical questions, sorry! :-) You may feel like 
>sharing your answers with the entire self-interest group, I am sure they
would like to know as well.

Well, thank you, I tried to come up with an interesting, workable solution.
Right now, computer science research is my second (night) job, so my income
doesn't depend on this project. My interest in this is almost entirely
voluntary. I do research in this way, and I find that various arbitrary
constrainsts of academia can be avoided much more easily.

As for my location, I live in downtown Seattle. The "we" happens to be the
members of the Tunes project, particularly those who chat in #tunes on
irc.openprojects.net IRC server. There are a few people I know personally
who are unrelated to Tunes, yet have expressed willingness to code.

Thanks for the interest,

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