[self-interest] Self Port Hack Weekend 2000

Gordon F. Cichon gordon at cichon.com
Fri Jan 7 22:12:38 UTC 2000

Mario Wolczko wrote:
> Daniel Enting wrote:
>    Well, Gordon Cichon and Mario Wolczko are on there way.

Hi all,

cichon.de seems connected again :-)
There is still something wrong with the
web servers. The Self page is accessible
at cichon.com at the moment by the way.

Well, I am here in Witten right now at
Thorsten Dittmar. I was on holiday with
my girlfriend, and I did not have internet

Thorsten told me that Mario definitely was
going to come, and I was looking forward to
meet him again. I downloaded the Self 4.1 code
and had a look at it today, and I was already
very confident while on the plane that we could 
make the port this weekend with help of Mario
and David by phone...
This seems to be a misunderstanding. ;-)

So, Mario and David, and everybody else who is
competent in the Self VM, please mail me your
phone number if you would like to get involved
this weekend :-)


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