[self-interest] VB (was: remote gui)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at merlintec.com
Tue Feb 29 18:48:03 UTC 2000

John Hinsley wrote:

> I've got a VB5 which allows me to build .exe files. I'm absolutely
> hopeless with VB (this is NOT false modesty!), but if you'd like to send
> me the source, I'll build you an .exe and send it back to you. But I
> can't help at all with the coding.

I thought I had totally thrown away the VB version, but it seems that wasn't
the case. Since I went ahead and wrote a Java version, I don't think it is
worth the effort to make the VB4 version run. All sources (except for the Self
one, which was so simple I didn't even bother to save it to disk!) are
available at


-- Jecel

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