[self-interest] Re: Self Hack Weekend in S.F.

Joseph Osako scholr at slip.net
Thu Feb 24 01:50:27 UTC 2000

At 01:10 PM 02/16/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Gordon, Thorsten, et al,
>I know how hard it can be to coordinate schedules.
>Please do not feel bad if you cannot find a common time.
>You can always work on the Self port the traditional way: by putting in
>effort over a time period. This even has the advantages of giving you more
>to think about hard problems when they come up.
>Meanwhile, if you find a good time, let me know.
>- Dave
>>Thorsten Dittmar wrote:
>>>  > March 18th-19th would be OK for me.
>>>  Is this also ok for you, Gordon?
>>This might be a problem. :-(
>>I thoroughly adjusted my schedule to make next week available.
>>I have a lot of work here, and I need to move till end of March.
>>Let's see how things are going to work out...

Uh, so, what is the story, then, I itsn't clear if it is rescheduled now or
not. When, if ever, will it be held?

I'd like to go, and have no problems for either weekend, but I'd need to
make the necessary travel arrangements. Can anyone give me a solid date and

J Osako
Programmer Analyst, Operating Systems Designer, Notational Engineer

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