[self-interest] Re: remote GUI

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at 3plus4.de
Sat Feb 19 17:39:31 UTC 2000

>good thing. This problem is that VNC seems to be optimized for high speed
>networks (it transfers compressed bitmaps) and not modems.

You should have about 1MBit/s, right.  It works over ISDN (64Kbit/s even
better with doubling lines to 128Kbit/s) if your're patient.  Implementing
a VNC client doesn't look very difficult.  I'm right now trying this for
Squeak (www.squeak.org) after I downloaded the protocol specification.

I don't know about a server but they say the server has to do all the work.

>An alternative would be to create a remoteCanvas object that would talk to a
>counterpart written in Java (which is where Morphic in Java comes in) and
>running on the client. 

If you think about a light weight X-like protocol here and don't want to
transport large bitmap graphics or movies, this is the better approach.  Or
you may want to check out wiredX (www.jcraft.com I think) which is an
X-server written in 100% Java.

As I said I wrote a simple morphic-like framework in Java in another email
here.  I did this to implemented a remote accessible Kansas like
environment in Java.  It was just a proof of principle and the project was
sort-of canceled unless I find some better ways of synchronizing multiple
images but for this I implemented a RemoteCanvas which was connected via
TCP/IP to a GraphicsCanvas which did all the drawings on the client.

>Does anyone have any experience with these things?

I'd be glad to discuss this further, yes.

Stefan Matthias Aust  //  Bevor wir fallen, fallen wir lieber auf.

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