[self-interest] Re: Self Hack Weekend in S.F.

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Feb 7 02:34:48 UTC 2000


I need to check this out--I'll get back to you.

If it were me, I would probably choose to undertake a project of this scale at
a more leisurely pace. Some the bugs will likely take several 
showers' worth of thinking.
But, if you want to do a weekend here on it, I will be happy to help 
and to play host
at the labs. But I do need to talk to my boss before I can promise anything.

- Dave

>  > This sounds very interesting!
>>  It would be much better for Mario & I if we could just have this here.
>>  I think we could work in the Labs here.
>>  How do you feel about that?
>This is also ok for me. What is about the hardware stuff? We can bring our
>laptops with us, but this is maybe not enough.
>>  (I'm not sure I could get away to Sebastopol, sorry).
>>  If you like this idea, let me know and I will see to this end.
>What a kind of preparation can we do to make this weekend as productive as
>How many people what to join us????? Anybody for South America?
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