[self-interest] Re: Announcing Self 4.1.2

David Ungar David.Ungar at eng.sun.com
Tue Feb 1 01:38:34 UTC 2000

Thanks, Jecel.
With your permission, I could post this as a patch on the Web site.
Let me know if/how I should this.

- Dave

At 8:46 PM -0200 1/31/00, Jecel Assumpcao Jr. wrote:
>I have just downloaded it and have a 8 bpp window open on the Sun and a 16 bpp
>window on my Linux machine sharing the same Kansas space. It's wonderful -
>At first the colors didn't come up right on the 16 bpp mode since it seems
>there was a problem with the code I had sent. Lucky thing I was able to toy
>around with code "live" while running a color changer morph and it was easy to
>see the problem (the code expected 8 bit RGB components while paint object use
>10 bits). This is the fix in traits paint:
>    rgbFor16BitX = (   ((rawRed   >>  5) << 11)
>                               ||  ((rawGreen >> 4) <<  5)
>                               ||  (rawBlue    >>  5)
>    ).
>-- Jecel
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