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David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Dec 27 23:02:15 UTC 2000

Dear Self-ers,

Various distractions have kept me from getting the Carbon port onto 
the Self Web site, even though it's been done for a while. And 
lately, I have sped up the outliner update cycle and turned off 
button flashing; the net effect is to make the Mac version much more 

But getting especially the latter changes out will take time and take 
me away from my research, so I would like to know how much interest 
there is out there for these changes. In other words, how urgent is 
the need for them? In other other words, how many of you would 
actually use and benefit from these? If there are enough positive 
replies, I should be inspired to get them out sooner.

I have using Self to do my main programming and though it may be 
immodest, I have to report that it is a blast. Particularly when 
debugging, I feel much more productive.

Happy new year to you all!

- Dave

     David Ungar
     Sun Microsystems Laboratories
     (650) 336-2618

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