[self-interest] Self for Linux

Gordon F. Cichon gordon at cichon.com
Thu Dec 7 19:39:16 UTC 2000

Maximilian Thiel wrote:
> In all probability we are involved with the realization of this task
> from the beginning of december 2000 until the end of march 2001. We
> have downloaded the source of Self 4.1.2 from the web site
> www.sun.com/research/self. Similar to the sparc-version (svr4) of Self
> we created subdirectories for Linux and i386 on the appropriate places
> (we?ve cloned the sparc-processor specific code from src/svr4 to
> src/i386). After some modification on Makefiles we were able to create
> the Dependencie and the incl/_*.incl-files in the subdirectory
> Linux/generated. Then we tried to compile the Linux/optimized version
> but we?ve got a lot of fancy messages.


great to hear somebody doing something after such a long time :-) *freu*

I may suggest that you first start with a debug version instead of an
optimized one. You may also take the code which I did when I visited
daedalos in January. It does already compile under Linux. I left this at
Daniel, and you can download it using CVS at
:pserver:guest at cvs.cichon.com:/home/cvs/self (password guest).

You may also contact me directy when you get stuck at a specific point.


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