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as you probably know, the company Daedalos Consulting GmbH has tried - in 
cooperation with Gordon Cichon - to port Self 4.0 to Linux. Unfortunatly 
the project was stopped after a while mainly because we didn't have had 
enough ressources (man-power) to complete the task.

In cooperation with a collegue I will take up this project and force it 
during the next few weeks. In order to get an impression I will introduce 
my collegue and myself:

Last june I completed my degree in computer science with maths . Up until 
the end of October I was employed by the University of Freiburg (Germany) 
as a developer in the area of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence. As a 
member of the successfull CS-Freiburg-team, who won the world-championship 
of robotsoccer last August in Melbourne-Australia, I was responsible for 
graphiccard-programming and image-processing, using C++ under RT-Linux. I 
have also a good knowledge of MASM (Microsoft Macro Assembler) programming, 
but no
experience in Assembler-programming under Linux.

My collegue Thomas Franken worked for Daedalos since 1996 as a specialist 
for smalltalk-programming. He has a good knowledge of compiler-development 
and codegeneration, but no experience and knowledge concerning the 
structure of the Smalltalk VM.

In all probability we are involved with the realization of this task from 
the beginning of december 2000 until the end of march 2001. We have 
downloaded the source of Self 4.1.2 from the web site Similar to the sparc-version (svr4) of Self we 
created subdirectories for Linux and i386 on the appropriate places (we've 
cloned the sparc-processor specific code from src/svr4 to src/i386). After 
some modification on Makefiles we were able to create the Dependencie and 
the incl/_*.incl-files in the subdirectory Linux/generated. Then we tried 
to compile the Linux/optimized version but we've got a lot of fancy messages.

Now we want to address to you hoping that someone of you could give us some 
advice concerning the following topics:

- Assembler-Programming on the Sparc-Architecture (we `ve already ordered 
the following book: SPARC Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, & C 
written by Richard Paul)

- Assembler-Programming under Linux, e.g. signal handling (as you can see 
above we have good knowledge in Assembler-programming under Windows and 
C++-Programming under Linux)

- a good overview of the structure of the vm-source-code.

We are using the Linux-Kernel-Version 2.2.16

Please contact us under:

Maximilian.Thiel at


Thomas.Franken at


Thomas & Maximilian

Good Self-Confidence!


Self-Contact at Daedalos:

Daedalos Consulting GmbH
Ruhrtal 5
58456 Witten
Tel: +49 x2302 9790
Fax: +49 x2302 979199

E-Mail: Maximilian.Thiel at
           Thomas.Franken at


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