partial conclusions about design patterns

Kokan kokan at
Tue Dec 5 20:55:03 UTC 2000

If you don't mind, I'm working with groups and algebras in a 
language somewhat similar to Self, so I was wondering if you're 
willing to publish the source code (for academic interest only).

Something like this?


<water> i'll bet david ungar thought of hybridizing self with another 
language once or twice

<eihrul> it might be better if you wait to have some rudimentary 
specification first :)
<water> well, it wouldn't be hard to specify some of it, since self 
and beta specs already exist

<water> well, jecel will see 3, and fare might see 3
<Downix> Hehe, slap the gcc people, nah
<water> no i've caused enough damage for one night
<water> now i've got to turn vapour into hard code


Which leads to?

Currently, there is a partially complete prototype of the language 
system under Common Lisp, and plans include adapting the Squeak 
project's smalltalk virtual machine sources generated from smalltalk 
code to support Slate language primitives and the graphics system.


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