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David Ungar wrote:
Dave my darling:

Then I apologize. In paper Patterns for extending black-boc
frameworks Hans Albrecht Schmid and
Frank Mueller from JOOP June 1998 state
"We are using patterns as a description medium for
the reason that a conventional description of the problem
and its solution was lacking clarity (even after
several attempts). Our experience is that the use of
patterns helped us to work out problems and their
solutions and to make their presentation clearer.
I have not finished reading it, but it seems that here
clearly  this mimicks a domain dependent model.
It is in this sense that design patterns do belong
to hermeneutic computer science and is one of its
strongest branches.
The criticism  is that " two models might be inconsistent
if one is an incomplete translation of the other"  or each
level of model is more precise than its parent, down
to the code which must be the most precise of all.
in The fifty-foot look at analysis and design models
John McGregor JOOP July/August 1998
Alexander recognizes he failed to reach this seamless
process.  And it seems the OO community is
striving to reach it, however Alexander designed
a true " A pattern language"  and the design patterns
not even constitute a "Pattern language".

Hope you forgave me and help me to understand
the gist of the design patterns from GOF as I will
try to understand the gist of Alexander's A pattern


> The difference is that I was talking about the redundancy of four
> patterns,and your statement, Albertina, implies that I was talking
> about twenty-four patterns.Thus the difference is about 20 patterns. -
> Dave   At 2:06 PM -0200 12/4/00, Albertina Lourenci wrote:
>> David Ungar wrote:
>> Come on Dave! What's the difference between my statement and your
>> statement?
>> In one of Albertina's recent messages, she stated that:
>> > Jecel and Dave seems to state that all the abstractions
>> > captured by the design patterns can be implemented perfectly
>> > well in Self.
>>  I never intended to say this, nor do I understand how I could have
>> seemed to say it.Perhaps Albertina was misled by my statement that
>> all but one of the object creation patterns in GOF were redundant
>> given a language like Self. - Dave--
>> ...
>> Cheers
>> Albertina
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