[self-interest] partial conclusions about design patterns

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Dec 4 23:26:23 UTC 2000

The difference is that I was talking about the redundancy of four patterns,
and your statement, Albertina, implies that I was talking about 
twenty-four patterns.
Thus the difference is about 20 patterns.

- Dave

At 2:06 PM -0200 12/4/00, Albertina Lourenci wrote:
>David Ungar wrote:
>Come on Dave! What's the difference between my statement and your
>In one of Albertina's recent messages, she stated that:
>>Jecel and Dave seems to state that all the abstractions
>>captured by the design patterns can be implemented perfectly
>>well in Self.
>  I never intended to say this, nor do I understand how I could have 
>seemed to say it.Perhaps Albertina was misled by my statement that 
>all but one of the object creation patterns in GOF were redundant 
>given a language like Self. - Dave--

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