[self-interest] Patterns in Self [was Re: delegation (was: prototypical analysis and design) ]

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Dec 1 22:10:18 UTC 2000

Hi, guys!

Glad to see all the recent activity, even if I cannot keep up with reading it.

Double dispatch is fine by me, till I get a chance to build Us, that is.

Like your Bird quote, btw.

And, though the Mac version is a lot slower than SPARC, I've been 
using it for years to do work.

I guess Linux looks good if you are stuck with Windows. I've been 
using Unix since 1975 and I'm sure someone could do a much better 
operating system based on different fundamentals than
byte-stream files, containment-hierarchy directory trees, and C. Not 
that the world is going this way, though.

- Dave

At 9:48 AM -0800 11/30/00, cramakrishnan at acm.org wrote:
>Is it just me, or has anyone else experienced semiotic overload
>following the recent discussion?  ;)
>David Ungar writes:
>>  I actually did go through all the patterns in the GOF book, in
>>  preparation for my recent panel.
>>  In particular, only one of the object-creation patterns seemed legit to me.
>What do you think about double dispach?  That's one of the GOF
>patterns, right... i can't remember anymore.  I think it is still
>relevant in Self, since Self doesn't have multi-methods.
>Plus, i noticed that traits bigInt>>+ uses it.  :)
>Bharat writes:
>>  Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Sun computer anymore so I
>>  can't run Self :-(
>Do you have access to a Macintosh? 
>As far as all this patterns stuff goes, i've always thought Charlie
>Parker's comment on music theory is equally applicable to design
>patterns: "Learn that stuff, then forget it and just play [hack]".
>- sekhar
>C. Ramakrishnan        cramakrishnan at acm.org


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