Self on Linux [Was: [self-interest] license (was: Self on Solaris for Intel?)]

Dru Nelson dru at
Fri Dec 1 04:51:36 UTC 2000

I'm for prototypes and self, etc.

> written by himself anyway. I mean, there is Self for Sparc, Self for
> Macintosh, Self for Java, Merlin Self, Tiny Self, MySelf, and nobody
> likes to share anything. Nobody is gaining anything this way. You did
> not get rich with proprietary code in the last 5 years, and you wont in
> the next 5 years, I promise you.

This is not true. Proprietary code is making more money than ever.
I drive by their towering buildings every day.

Also, I see the Self projects as not easily fitting together but
very friendly towards eachother. All of them are open.

> than a sandbox, with people around with real computer expertise more
> than just clicking on fancy looking buttons on GUIs, you need to port it
> to Linux. period.

This is extreme bias and sticky. Linux is just another platform. I have
seen less computer expertise with linux (as a whole) than people with a
more broad experience with other Unixes (which is a small subgroup of the
linux community). 
It is not a monument of technology.

The funny thing is that everybody here is in complete agreement on getting
a linux port. I just don't see the time factor being there.

> chances to develop some synergies with other GPLed projects which
> urgently need adaptive compilation techniques, i.e., FreeCPU, Plex86,
> PHP, Perl, Tcl, Python, and so forth, to actually get a very good
> compiler for Self almost FOR FREE. Imagine that!

> So, guys, if you really like to do something good, get down to earth,
> stop every other Self project you are currently working on, be a hero,
> and contribute getting the very core Self engine portable first! Please! 

I don't think anyone is in disagreement, on making self more interesting,
portable, etc.

HOWEVER, I never like the 'join the crowd' mentality. I do believe
that individual projects have their place. Without them, we wouldn't
even have had Self in the first place! Imagine that.

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