Ugly Stepchild Preview Release

Tripp Lilley tripp at
Sun Aug 27 22:54:05 UTC 2000

Against my better judgement, I've gone ahead and tarred up the current
working state of my Python code and posted it. As the news item says,
non-source documentation is sketchy, and the source may or may not be
comprehensible :)

Don't trust the tests, as they don't work :] (they're out of date)

The undocumented tutorial (which I will add to the docs in a later release
:) ) is this:

	cd src

	>>> from selfish.core import proto, l
	>>> def say (self, msg):
	...     print "%s says '%s'" % (hex(id(self))[2:], msg)
	>>> parent = proto( )
	>>> parent.say = say
	>>> child = proto( )
	>>> child.isa_parent = parent
	>>> child.say( 'hello' )
		## output of 'say' here
	>>> del child.isa_p
	>>> child.say( 'hello' )
		## AttributeError here
	>>> child.age = 13
	>>> parent.age = 42
	>>> parent.age - child.age

A more exhaustive tutorial / docset will explain more of what's going on,
why it matters, how it's selfish, and how/why it deviates from what Python
does "naturally".

The forthcoming persistence support will also make everything make a whole
lot more sense. Without implicit persistence and distribution (of both
data *and* code), this doesn't give you a whole lot, because you still
have the "edit/compile/test" cycle. Once persistence is in place, you'll
be able to do truly iterative, exploratory, Selfish programming.

If you do happen to download this and play with it, please attempt to
subscribe to the developer mailing list off of the project page at
sourceforge. It's supposed to be active in 6-24 hours :)

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