premature announcement: SELFISH

Tripp Lilley tripp at
Thu Aug 24 04:06:19 UTC 2000

This is a somewhat premature announcement, but it's not vaporware, because
I have ~2k lines of working code :)

	SELFISH is an umbrella project covering toolsets to do
	Prototype-based OOP (a.k.a. "classless" OOP) in popular languages
	(Perl and Python, currently, with Java plans).

However, the reasons the announcement is premature are:

	* no posted code
	* no sourceforge maintenance done
	* no mailing list(s)
	* no bugtracking (but no released code, so, hey!)

and so forth :) Mostly, I wanted to do a little interest-guaging, and so
forth. I've already had one person suggest throwing my effort into the
Linux port of Self itself, and I'll be putting my response into the FAQ
when I create it. Basically, I started these projects long before there
was a Linux port even being contemplated (aside, perhaps, from Jecel's
work on Merlin). Furthermore, I still believe there's value in bringing
"The Power of Simplicity(tm)" to the unwashed languages :)

I'm pushing very hard for a real release and updated Source Forge bits
within the week, but, code being what it is... :) I'm hoping that what
I've produced will be of utility, interest, and inspiration to other
Selfish hackers out there :)

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