spam on the list (was: REMOVE)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Sat Apr 22 21:55:52 UTC 2000

 Dobes Vandermeer wrote:
> Umm.. guys, that REMOVE scam is just something they use to get live
> email addresses to spam, they wont remove you from their list, and there
> was no bill passed. 

That has been my experience as well - after I stopped sending in the
REMOVE messages, the spam I get daily has slowly reduced instead of
increasing. So it is basically a scam to separate dead emails addresses
from ones that are still in use.

> Plus, you probably have to send mail to
> education_web at
> if you DO want them to receive your email.

They probably were hoping that people would "reply to all" so that they
would get a copy as well, but that didn't happen in this case.

> The list configuration should be changedf so that people who are not
> subscribers to the list cannot post, I know this can be done with
> eGroups, and spammers are too lazy to subscribe to mailing lists.

As the moderatory for this list, I filter out most of the spam that is
sent here (any message from a non subscriber is sent to me for approval
first, and that so far has been mostly valid messages but posted from
alternate email addresses). In this case, however,
education_web at *is* subscribed to the list. This was also the
case of a previous spam that got through (from ohiohero at Since
there was only a single message from each one, I haven't done anything
drastic like kicking them out - specially since it is easy for someone
else to have sent the messages and faked the address.

I hope this problem doesn't become any worse, but I'll take more severe
measures if it does.

-- Jecel

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