font problems (was: using Self)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at
Thu Apr 6 21:20:48 UTC 2000


> Thanks for helping everyone out on this list.

Since I created it, I feel a bit responsible for it :-) 
> I will try to reproduce the problem if you tell me what you did.
> It might have an easy fix.

I just downloaded Self 4.1.2 for Macintosh and double-clicked on the Demo.snap
icon. Calling up any outliner and clicking on the "=" button for a method
brings up an editor for the source. The problem is that the editor is always
too narrow and only shows the left half of the code (doing the exact same thing
for Self 4.1.2 on my Sun Ultra 5 brings up an editor that is the same size, but
shows the whole text as the characters aren't as wide). Same thing if you try
to look at the comments.

I am guessing that Self had to replace the font (which might not ever happen
on your machine if you have all the right fonts) but is using the original
font's metrics for some reason. Hmmm... it seems that the 'resizeToText' method
in traits uglyTextEditorMorph assumes that the font used is a fixed 13x6 one
(which is the case for the one in the ui2_textField prototype - at least on the
Sun). Strange... I would have thought this would be set in outlinerPreferences
or something similar.

This is just a minor inconvenience, not a major bug. Since nobody else
mentioned it, I suppose it could be specific to my mother's iMac.

-- Jecel

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