[self-interest] using Self

Michael Ackerman ack at simplyweb.net
Wed Apr 5 05:48:42 UTC 2000

Thanks for your suggestion. I too am using a 64MB iMac. Your suggestion
worked: at least I can open the snapshots. There are some problems with
things being off the screen (in the Demo snapshot it is hard to get to
some of the buttons, and in the object folder some of its folders (eg
graphics) open with so much of the window off the screen that it can't
be gotten at. But I hope I'll be able to experiment with it. Again, thanks.
                             -- Michael

"Jecel Assumpcao Jr." wrote:
> Michael Ackerman wrote:
> > Hi. I'm very interested in studying Self, so I downloaded it and hoped it
> > would run on my Mac. But when I click on either on the two snapshots I
> > get the disappointing message that it needs more than 60 MB to open! Can
> > this be right? Even though my computer has 64 MB of RAM, the OS takes
> > about 16. Is there some way I can run Self, or some "little Self"?
> I was able to make it run on a 64MB iMac, but only after going to the control
> panel and setting the virtual memory to 96MB or so (I don't remember exactly).
> -- Jecel
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