[self-interest] Re: Self4Linux 0.1.0 Recompilation

José Baltasar García Perez-Schofield jbgarcia at correo.uvigo.es
Mon Sep 20 17:02:25 UTC 1999

>   1. I tried to recompile Gordon Cichon´s Port of Self4 for Linux
> on my Suse Linux 2.2.5 system using GNU C++
> It compiled well the tools in self/bin/linux.
> When I tried to compile vm/linux/debug the compiler
> stops with the message below.
> The include and makefile mechanism used made it hard
> for me to track down where the origin of this error was.
> Does the message below make sense to someone of you
> and could somebody explane me the include and makefile
> mechanism used.
> I´d like to learn Self myself without having to buy a SparcStation
> myself.
> Otto
> Lake of Constance
> Germany

	Hello, Otto !

	I have compiled also the Self4Linux port, by Gordon Cichon, and
like you, also, I found some troubles compiling.

	Finally, I got my image of Self4Linux compiled, of course. Your
version of Linux seems to be "deprecated" ;-). I get compiled with a SuSE

	But this version is not 100% concluded. As the author could tell
you, is a version to run under a debugger. Some internal parts 
are not finished.I'm afraid it is not the best Self version to learn Self.

	Salud !

"C gives you enough rope to hang yourself. 
C++ also gives you the tree object to tie it to."
PBC -- Jose Baltasar Garcia Perez-Schofield -- jbgarcia at uvigo.es
Dep. Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos, Universidad de Vigo (Spain)

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